Inspired by Vegans of LDN, Vegans of Leeds was launched on Instagram in December 2015 with the sole purpose of creating a central  and unified space where like minded individuals could find and share details about vegan-friendly dining in Leeds. Fast forward to 2017 and we've shared over 2000 posts, amassed over 2000 followers and become a valuable resource for the vegan community within Leeds.



From the beginning, Vegans of Leeds has primarily been a user-led platform and this user-led approach is something that we would like to carry forward in our future endeavours.


We are passionate about veganism and believe that living a vegan lifestyle is not about being perfect but instead about attempting to live in a way that aims to cause the least harm and the most good to the planet and all the creatures that inhabit it, so we aim communicate from a place of compassion and understanding  not just for animals but for our readers, regardless of where they are on their vegan journey.


In all aspects of our work we aim to serve the needs of the Vegan Community in Leeds, this includes finding new and innovative ways to promote the presence of the ever growing vegan community in and around the city and the businesses that  serve them.


One of our core business aims is to become a trusted voice within the Vegan Community, this means providing honest reviews and ratings of products and places where applicable and not providing false praise in return for any payment or lack thereof.