Vegans of Leeds was launched on Instagram in December 2015 with the mission to create a unified and central  space where like minded individuals could find and share information about the range of vegan-friendly dining experiences available in Leeds. 12 months later and we've amassed over 1, 500 followers, shared over 1,400 posts and our online community still continues to grow.

At Vegans of Leeds we are passionate about leading a cruelty-free lifestyle and are keen to encourage others to do the same. Hence our launch of the Vegans of Leeds Discount Dining Card, which was created in support of Veganuary. We believe the card, which offers a range of discounts on vegan food in Leeds throughout January is a fun way to encourage non-vegans to try vegan options, whilst also showcasing the amazing cruelty-free food that Leeds has to offer.

What is Veganuary?

Veganuary is a charity that has created a global movement in which people participate in a month long pledge to follow a vegan diet throughout the month of January. The charity

 'aims to reduce the suffering of animals by inspiring and supporting people across the globe to go vegan for the month of January'.

 The pledge attracts vegetarians, pescetarians and meat eaters alike as they begin the new year on a journey to a more plant based lifestyle. To find out more about Veganuary and the work that they do, please visit their website: www.veganuary.com